GLUTEN-FREE Retail Opportunity

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The gluten-free products market is poised to explode. Research points to double-digit sales growth for years to come. But many retailers and brand marketers are ill-prepared to play in the gluten-free category. This report features 55 pages of real-life retail and brand examples, actionable insights, strategic implications and sound recommendations for succeeding in the high-growth gluten-free space. See full description, including Table of Contents, below.


October 2016
55 pages
GLUTEN-FREE Retail Opportunity: Tapping Trends at the Store Shelf

The gluten-free products market is poised to explode. Research points to double-digit sales growth of the gluten-free category for years to come. Watch as the number of small-batch artisans escalates to meet rising consumer demand. Their nimbleness, innovation and outside-the-box thinking will breed success. It’s also likely to draw the attention of big CPG manufacturers looking to ride the “free from” wave. Retailers increasingly will seek products that help them differentiate from the competition, drive shopper traffic, boost margins and raise average transaction size. Gluten free and other free-from products could be just the ticket.

Reasons to buy

  • Understand the gluten-free market: size, growth drivers, community, technology, and what’s needed to succeed in this space.
  • Explore marketing and merchandising tactics being used by small-batch artisan upstarts, large brand marketers and retailers.
  • Assess retail and brand competition by understanding what gluten-free initiatives are underway at some leading U.S. retailers.
  • Learn how to minimize merchandising missteps that turn off gluten-free shoppers, and instead…
  • See what practices could help maximize sales and growth in the gluten-free/“free from” category.

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Perspective: Top 10 Takeaways
  2. Gluten Free: How Big? How Fast?
  3. Rise in “Challenger” Brands Is Real
  4. Big CPGs Make Way to Shelf
  5. Private Label Alternatives Encroach
  6. Dedicated Gluten-Free Baking Facilities
  7. Grab & Go, Convenience Ramps Up
  8. Raising the Retail Merchandising Bar
  9. Opportunities to Engage and Educate
  10. Well-Connected Gluten-Free Community
  11. Product Transparency Tools Rule
  12. Gluten-Free Merchandising Faux Pas
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